Global Mixed-Media Campaign


LG Mobile asked us to create an advertising campaign to promote the new G6 phone specifically for social media platforms.  The campaign should encapsulate the free spirit of young millennials and highlights the new camera, water-proof and dust proof features of the G6.

Photo May 24, 10 47 06 PM.png


After our research and brainstorming, we came up a short film narrative of a runaway bride that joins a kind stranger on a road trip.  With the LG G6's new rugged features and amazing camera, the girls continue on with their free spirit and document every moment of their journey without missing a beat.

The short film was shot vertically for the Stories format to be used on Snapchat, Instagram and Canvas to be used on Facebook.  Along with the short film. we designed a campaign of still shots for social media posts on Facebook and Instagram and a series of mixed-media contents for Stories and Canvas.  

Photo May 24, 10 47 08 PM.png


We blew past our KPIs within one week of being released, the Facebook Canvas campaign had racked up 7.1k likes and 98.7k views.  Instagram posts have also garnered 2k likes each This resulted in us hitting our campaign target without the need of any advertising investment.  The campaign is being displayed across all social media platforms and international markets and is still being released for the remainder of 2017 with continuous impact.